The Beatles secretly reunited in 1976 to record studio album?

The whole issue of the 1970’s Canadian rock band Klaatu cannot be fully addressed in a single blog post. People have written lengthy articles on the subject over the years. Information in this post has been taken from the article “Twisted Tales: Seventies Band Klaatu Rumored to Be Reunited Beatles” by James Sullivan in January 2008.

To make a long story short, in 1976 and 1977 there was a major rumor that this mysterious Canadian band was actually the Beatles sneaking out a new album under a pseudonym six years after their break-up.

Klaatu was definitely most successful in trying to achieve the sound of The Beatles. Their self-titled debut album not only sounded like The Fab Four, but also the album did not list any band members, producers or credits. It did not sport any photos, either.

The so-called “clues” to this coup by the four ex-Beatles were compelling. The album was released on Capitol Records, the Beatles’ American label. Sullivan also cites John Lennon’s brief move to suburban Toronto, as another validation by the conspiracy theorists. Also, the name “Klaatu” was taken from the sci-fi classic The Day the Earth Stood Still, which Ringo Starr used as cover art for his 1974 album Goodnight Vienna.

A rock critic for the Providence Journal stated in an article that Klaatu was definitely the Beatles, and the whole rumor took off all throughout North America and the world. Another theory was that it was not an album of new material by the four lads from Liverpool, but rather an album that was rumored to have been shelved in 1966 immediately after Revolver.

A Google search of the words “Klaatu Beatles” will no doubt give you an infinite number of articles and postings about legitimate coincidences as well as the conspiracy theories that have been floating around for almost 40 years now.

Please keep in mind that it is amazing to realize that this rumor circulated everywhere some twenty years before the introduction of the internet into everyday life.

Thanks to Mr. James Sullivan for his concise and informative article on this subject matter.

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