The Great Burt Bacharach, R.I.P.

Upon the news of Burt Bacharach’s passing today, the New York Times posted a comprehensive obituary on their website, which was the basis for their front page article. While this obituary article detailed the amazing life and career of the incredibility talented songwriter, it made no mention of the fact that The Beatles recorded “Baby It’s You”, the 1961 hit for The Shirelles, which was written by Bacharach, Barney Williams, and Mack David. Mack David was the brother of Bacharach’s longtime writing partner and lyricist Hal David.

Reaching number eight on the Billboard Hot 100, “Baby It’s You” caught the attention of The Beatles, who included it in their stage act from 1961 – 1963. John Lennon did the lead vocals. Their recorded version was included on their first LP Please Please Me.

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